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Matcha Crepes

Matcha Crepes
Ingredients 2 servings
  • ☆8 tbs Pancake mix
  • ☆1 Egg
  • ☆240ml Water
  • ☆1 tbs Matcha powder
  • 4 Strawberries
  • small amount of Blueberries
  • small amount of Raspberries
  • 1 Banana
  • small amount of Almonds
  • 4 tbs Whipping cream
  • 2 tsp Sugar
  • Vegetable oil as needed

*You can make about 6 sheets of crepes with this recipe.

*1 tbs=15ml / 1 tsp=5ml

*The temperature setting of the induction cooker is for reference only.

Bright green, vividly-colored crepes.

The distinct bitterness of the matcha green tea brings out the flavor of the fruits and rich heavy cream.

How to make it

  • Put pancake mix, egg, water and matcha powder in a bowl and mix well.

  • Spread a thin layer of batter from (1) in a lightly oiled frying pan. When the batter comes away from the edge of the pan, flip it over and cook over low heat for 10 seconds (600W 160-170℃).

  • Make whipped cream. Add sugar to the chilled whipping cream and whisk thoroughly.

  • Cut the strawberries in half and the banana into 7mm pieces.

  • Place crepes on a plate and add whipped cream for topping. Serve with blueberries, raspberries and almonds.

Recipes developed by Nobuaki Ohiki (Tsuji Culinary Institute)/Takako Hirosato (Kicho LLC)

Recipes supervised by Tsuji Culinary Institute (Representative: Yoshiki Tsuji *Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador since 2015)

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