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Official Japanese food supporter store certification program

Our mission is promoting safe and delicious Japanese food products and alchoholic beverages to every corner of the world.
We are looking for partners who can help us do that.

What is the certification program of Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Stores Overseas?

This program was designed to certify overseas restaurants, bars and retailers which carry Japanese food and beverages as official “Japanese Food Supporters” in order to further promote Japanese agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products around the world.

- Benefits of Japanese food supporter store certification -

・ Ability to promote the sales and use of Japanese food products by utilizing the Japanese food supporter store logo and certificate.
・ Store information can be posted on the Taste of Japan website.
・ Qualifies to receive e-mail magazines for Japanese food supporter stores with information such as Japanese food products and events by JETRO.
(Please note that some stores may not be able to receive this service.)
*Once the application is submitted, certification will be approved after a review by the certification organization or the operation/management organization.
*There is no cost to apply or register as Japanese food supporter store, nor any annual membership fee.

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