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Ingredients 2 servings
  • Chicken wings 4
  • Boiled eggs 2
  • Japanese radish  1/2 (600g)
  • Deep-fried fish cake sticks with burdock root 4
  • Deep-fried thick Tofu 2
  • Potatoes 2 (120g)
  • Konnyaku (Konjac) 1/2
  • Grilled firm Tofu 1/2 (150g)
  • Dashi stock 1000ml (1000ml water, 2tsp Dashi powder)
  • Mirin 7 tbs
  • Light soy sauce   4 tbs
  • Salt to taste

*If you cook it over low heat for a long time, it will taste even better.

*1tbs=15ml / 1tsp=5ml

*The temperature setting of the induction cooker is for reference only.

A staple dish for Japanese winters, stewed with the ingredients you like, from vegetables to tofu, eggs, and more.
The ingredients - which have soaked up the dashi stock - will warm both the body and soul.

How to make it

  • Cut the grilled firm Tofu into 6 equal pieces, Japanese radish into 3cm round slices and make shallow cuts. Cut Konnyaku (Konjac) into triangles.

  • Parboil the Japanese radish, potatoes, Konnyaku (Konjac) in separate pots. Parboil deep-fried fish cake sticks with burdock root and deep-fried thick Tofu in the same pot. When the potatoes are cooked, drain them in a colander and let them cool down. Once cooled, peel off the skin and set aside. Fry the chicken wings in a pan until the surface turns brown.

  • Heat Dashi stock and add Mirin, light soy sauce, and salt.Add all ingredients and simmer over high heat (1300W 190-200℃) for about 20 minutes. When it boils, turn the heat to low (600W 150-170℃).

  • When the vegetables have absorbed the flavor, they are ready. Add mustard or chili pepper if you like.

Recipes developed by Nobuaki Ohiki (Tsuji Culinary Institute)/Takako Hirosato (Kicho LLC)

Recipes supervised by Tsuji Culinary Institute (Representative: Yoshiki Tsuji *Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador since 2015)

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