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Terms of Use

“Taste of Japan” (hereinafter reffered to as the "Site") is a website operated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (hereinafter reffered to as the "Ministry") that distributes information mainly on Japanese cuisine and culinary culture. The terms of use of the Site is defined as follows. The Viewers of the Site (the Viewer) shall consent to the Terms of Use prior to the use of the Site. Please ensure that you read the latest version of the terms of use before using the Site because the details may be amended if necessary.

1.Purpose of this site

The purpose of the Site is to deepen the understanding of Japanese cuisines as well as to popularize ingredients produced in Japan to people in different countries and regions by publishing information on Japanese food (Japanese restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) and the cooking method of Japanese cuisines.

2.Use of this site

1)Prohibition of Diversion/Resale of the Information on This Site

  1. Regarding the Site offered by the Ministry, the Viewers shall not use and access all or part of the site for the purposes of business activities or other activities related to commercialization or behavior corresponding to such, or preparatory behavior towards that end. Furthermore, use and access for the purpose of religious activities, political activities, etc. may be prohibited.
  2. Unauthorized reproduction or unpermitted use of posts published to this Site is prohibited.

2)Amendment or Suspension of the information on this Site

The Ministry may change this Site offered to the Viewers according to the circumstances of the Ministry. In addition, please understand that we may suspend this Site in instances of disaster, accident, or another state of emergency. Furthermore, even if the Viewers or third parties incur damages as a result of change or suspension of the Site without prior consent from the Viewers, the Ministry will bear no compensation.

3) Equipment required for the Use of the Site

The Viewers are required for internet access in order to use the Site. Furthermore, the Viewers must undertake appropriate preparation and operation of required devices and software at their own responsibility and expense to access the internet. The Ministry does not participate in preparation or method for internet access of the Viewers.

4)Regarding the source of information used on this site

Some of the shop information published on this service uses API data from Google Maps. However, Google Maps ratings and reviews are not reflected on this site.


Any access to the Site must be made upon the responsibility of the Viewers. Furthermore, the Viewers may accept the following terms.

1) Information about restaurants as well as stores offering ingredients which are products of Japan, etc.

The Ministry does not guarantee for the details of the information on Japanese restaurants and stores that are posted on the Site.
It is recommended to contact a store directly by phone, etc. about their address, business hours, holidays, etc. at the time of reservation, ordering, or visiting. The Site bears no compensations for and will not be involved in any damage incurred due to the information on restaurants and Japanese groceries on the Site and/or troubles between the Viewers.

2) Linked websites

No guarantee is made to the Sites of third parties that are linked to the Site. Please visit them upon your responsibility. The Site bears no compensations for and will not be involved in any damage incurred due to the linked websites and troubles, etc.

4.Copyrights, Property rights and other rights

  1. All software used on or in relation to thiCopyrights, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights, or other properties rights related to content included on the Site or individual information, trademarks, pictures, advertisements, designs, etc. all belong to the Ministry or the proper right holder.
  2. This site contains property rights protected by laws and ordinances related to intellectual property rights.
  3. When the Viewers are given a use permission from the Ministry or third parties that own copyrights, intellectual property rights or other property rights, excluding cases where use has not been permitted by the right holder through laws and ordinances, duplication, editing, change, publication, reprinting, public transmission, distribution, sale, provision, translation/adaption or any other use must not occur.
  4. The Ministry accepts no responsibility for damages incurred through actions in violation of the above. Furthermore, in the event that such actions result in profit for the Viewer, the Ministry possesses the right to demand an amount corresponding to that profit.

5.Prohibited Actions

1) The Viewers are prohibited from the following actions in relation to the use of the Site:

  1. Duplication, or regeneration, reproduction, remission, transfer, distribution, or resale of information offered by this site, or storage of information for these purposes without prior consent from the Ministry, with the exception of instances recognized by laws and ordinances, this terms of use or the guidelines;
  2. Violation of this terms of use or the guidelines;
  3. Violation of public order and morals;
  4. Relation to or promotion of illegal acts, criminal conduct, or significant risk actions;
  5. Violation of intellectual property rights of the Ministry, other users or third parties (including but not limited to copyrights, design rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights or know-how);
  6. Illegal violation of the rights or profit of other the Viewers or third parties, or other dangers;
  7. Obstruction of administration of the Site, or defamation of trust in the Ministry;
  8. Any other action judged inappropriate by the Ministry.


In the event that the Viewers commits any of the acts specified in the items of the preceding paragraph or any act that the Ministry may find improper in light of the intent and purpose of the Site, the Ministry shall be entitled to suspend the Viewers’ use of the Site or otherwise take an action as it will see fit (hereinafter referred to as the “Use Suspension Action”). the Ministry may take the Use Suspension Action at its sole discretion/judgment irrespective of whether or not the Viewers is responsible, and the Ministry makes it a policy not to give any explanation whatsoever on why it has decided to take such Use Suspension Action. In addition, the Ministry will assume any liability for any damage that the Customer may suffer as a result of said Use Suspension Action.


The Site may amend the details of these terms as needed. Notifications shall be made for such a case on the Site or in a mean that is considered as appropriate by the Ministry. Such an amendment becomes effective after the notification, and is regarded as being accepted by the Viewers.

7.Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms of Use shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, and, Skylight and the Customer hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court for the first instance in the event that it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit in connection with these Terms of Use.