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Mizore Beef

Mizore Beef
Ingredients Serves 4 servings

200g sliced beef
1/4 bunch shallots
1/4 daikon radish
Salt and pepper to taste
A [90cc katsuo (bonito) stock , 30cc mirin, 30cc light soy sauce, 60cc rice vinegar ]
(If available) Cherry tomatoes, wasabi and shallot to taste

A refreshing beef dish. In this recipe, the beef is wrapped around shallots to add a crispy texture. Do not overcook beef as it will become tough.

How to make it

  • Lightly score the beef and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

  • Heat pan and quickly heat beef on both sides.

  • Slice the shallots into 4 to 5 cm lengths and then wrap around cooked beef.

  • Quickly boil mirin in A , cool and add to other ingredients.

  • Grate daikon radish (using a grater if available), squeeze daikon to extract moisture and then blend daikon with 4.

  • Place beef in 3 on plate and top with 5.

  • Top with cherry tomatoes, wasabi and fried sliced shallots.

Director of this section
Komei Nakamura / Chef

Owner of” Komei Ariake.” One of Japan’s leading chefs of Japanese-style cuisine who gained popularity on television as an “Iron Chef.”

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