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A simple, luxurious dish bringing to life the character of Japan-produced eggs

Slow-boiled egg and seafood appetizer

Slow-boiled egg and seafood appetizer
Cooking time 30min
Ingredients 6 servings


  • Japan-produced eggs
  • White dashi soy sauce100ml
  • Water 100ml


  • Sea urchin     100g
  • Caviar       6g
  • Spring onion       

※The toppings are for reference only and can be adjusted according to your taste.

This recipe makes the most of the characteristics of Japanese eggs, which are managed in a thoroughly sanitary environment and are safe to eat raw. In addition to white soy sauce, you can also use soy sauce or Men-tsuyu. This is a great appetizer for home parties and other occasions.

We also recommend combining Onsen Tamago with a variety of dishes such as salads and pasta.

Please note that only eggs that can be eaten raw can be used.

How to make it

  • Place the water in a pan and bring to the boil. When it has boiled, turn off the heat, and put in the eggs straight from the fridge.

  • Replace the lid and leave for 16 minutes.

  • Cool at room temperature until the residual heat has gone, then place in fridge.

  • Mix the water (100ml) and white dashi (100ml).

  • Break the eggs into a bowl, add caviar, sea urchin and spring onion to top, and serve.

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Chicken eggs
Japan-produced eggs are managed in a thoroughly hygienic environment from when they are laid to their transportation. They contain a good balance of various nutrients, with their greatest feature being they can be eaten raw. They are recognized for their quality that has sought peace of mind and safety, and also intense deliciousness, with their popularity continuing to increase, especially in Asia.

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