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Enjoy Japanese
Fruits with
Your Beloved

Characteristics of Japanese fruits

Japan is a long archipelago, from North to South. It has four distinct seasons, is rich in nature, and is blessed with clean water resources. Here, various fruits are cultivated and harvested seasonally according to the climate of each region. Japanese fruits are produced with strict quality control and tireless efforts by producers. At the same time, Japan has developed a variety of new cultivars for new innovations.
All the fruits are colorful and attractive, with intense sweetness and juiciness, rich in nutritional value, and safe to eat. Since ancient times, the Japanese have enjoyed in-season fruits together with the ever changing seasons. Please enjoy acclaimed seasonal Japanese fruits with your beloved.

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Enjoy Japanese Fruits with Your Beloved

The Interview with Japanese Fruits Farmers


The Interview with Japanese Fruits Farmers


”OISHII” Fresh Fruits from Japan


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Japanese Fresh Fruits

Each season and each land have their own delicious fruits

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Here are some simple and delicious recipes using Japanese fruits as ingredient.
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