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16 Years! Japanese Wagyu is about to set off a wave of tastiness! Report from Taiwan’s “2018 Japanese Wagyu Year” Press Conference
Updated on March 5th, 2018
We had waited for 16 years before the Japanese Wagyu was finallly reintroduced in Taiwan! "All About Japan," that has been committed to passing on the Japanese culture, has invited Mrs. Nozomi M. as a specialist to take part in this Japanese Wagyu Press conference. Mrs Nozomi M. is the author of “Japanese Housewife’s Infinite Creations,” and is quite a famous figure in the Taiwanese Cookbook community. After covering the press conference live on Facebook, she reported it to us and shared her personnal thoughts on Japanese Wagyu.

After I got married, my husband and I went to moved in Taiwan. As my husband was really missing the Japanese Wagyu, he never missed an occasion to buy some, wether at a shabu-shabu boutique or at a yakiniku shop. After witnessing the satisfaction of eating Japanese Wagyu, I began to fully understand that high-quality American Wagyu could not replace the delicious taste of premium Japanese Wagyu. “As tasty as American Wagyu is, it is still no match for Japanese Wagyu. The layers of texture, the sweetness of the marbling and the subtle temperature changes are always better in Japanese Wagyu.” The more I ate it, the more I was convinced that no other beef was a match for Japanese Wagyu.

This press conference has been held to announce the much awaited comeback of the Japanese Wagyu in Taiwan' stores. It was held by the Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) at the Taipei Regent Hotel. Words were not enough to describe the excitement as the venue possessed a strong Japanese flavor, and people could feel the determination and diligence displayed by the organizers. I was very touched and moved to personally witness this moment. From what I’ve learned, 211 tons of Japanese Wagyu beef has been sold already and it had only been on sale for three months! So what made Japanese Wagyu so charming that foodies are eagerly scrambling to be the first ones to sample this delicious beef?

The press conference began with JFOODO’s executive director Oizumi Hiroki saying a few words. Even though it was a brief speech, I could clearly feel JFOODO’s joy and determination.

In addition to the brief explanation by JFOODO’s Oizumi Hiroki, the press conference also an opportunity for Promotion Ambassador Mr. James Cheng to share with the audience a few ways to enjoy Japanese Wagyu.

The next part was the highlight of the press conference: Japanese Wagyu sampling event! The organizers employed the shabu-shabu to properly sample Japanese Wagyu in hopes that participants can taste the original flavor of Japanese Wagyu.

Unlike Taiwanese hot pot that has various types of flavored stock, Japanese Wagyu shabu-shabu mostly use stocks that contain no flavor at all. Some vegetables are boiled in the stock to bring out the sweetness of Japanese Wagyu, and the Wagyu slices can be enjoyed when they are approximately medium-well.

The sauces are a profound form of art as well. The refreshing series of sauces that possess a citrus flavor and pepper are the most suitable for Japanese Wagyu shabu-shabu.

The packaging of the disposable chopsticks at the venue has been designed to match the theme of this press conference.

No matter how lean or fat they are, the 6 cuts of thinly-sliced premium Japanese Wagyu each have their own unique taste.

After telling the on-site chefs what you would like to sample, professional caterers helped us blanching the chosen Japanese Wagyu slices

The marbling of Japanese Wagyu is truly remarkable and only Japanese Wagyu is capable of producing such enchanting marbling. Participants can meanwhile taste the distinct distribution differences in the marbling of various cuts. Taiwanese people usually enjoy the top chuck the most as the marbling of the cut is evenly distributed. The cut with the highest quality of meat and most delicate taste goes to the sirloin as it is more lean, making it especially suitable for those who want experience zero guilt when enjoying delicious Japanese Wagyu.

As the marbling of the rib eye is evenly distributed, the rib eye slices only need to be gently blanched for the marbling to melt away and the best taste. As people chew on the Wagyu slices, the marbling slowly melts away as the fresh and sweet gravy simmers out into the participants’ mouths. The Japanese Wagyu slices melt from gently chewing on them for a couple of times and even though the Wagyu has already been swallowed down, people can still taste premium marbling at the tip of their tongues. Wagyu slices possess a very exquisite and elegant taste while not being greasy at all!

People can taste the fresh and sweet flavor of Japanese Wagyu sirloin with every bite since it has a larger amount of lean meat. Disregarding the marbling as a deciding factor and simply evaluating each cuts based on their textures of the cuts to stimulate taste, the tender and more chewy sirloin doesn’t need to be enjoyed with any sauces. The most elegant way to enjoy the sirloin is to have it with fresh and sweet green onions. Individuals that are on a diet can also enjoy the delicious Japanese Wagyu with zero concerns.

Unlike Taiwanese people that like to eat their rice and the contents of the shabu-shabu at the same time, the Japanese people enjoy proper shabu-shabu by adding rice or udon noodles as finishing dishes after the Wagyu and vegetables have been soaked into the broth.

People can’t help but enjoy bowl after bowl of udon noodles after adding a smooth-textured soft-boiled egg.

Adding nori and sesame makes the cooked congee a refreshing dish as well.

After taking part in this great event, I had a better understanding of how 211 tons of Japanese Wagyu was sold in a mere three months! Sampling Japanese Wagyu isn’t just about tasting how it immediately melts the mouth, it’s also about the careful attention and persistence by the Japanese breeders for every Wagyu cattle. People can also taste the persistent spirit of the Japanese people as they have waited 16 years for the opportunity to reintroduce Japanese Wagyu to Taiwan again. You are probably eager to sample this delicious beef after such an alluring presentation on Japanese Wagyu! You can go to the official website for Japanese Wagyu for the latest news and also locate restaurants that offer Japanese Wagyu!

Pick out a special date and find some important people to sample the carefully cultivated and savory Japanese Wagyu together!
I’m sure you will also be moved by the stubbornness and persistence exhibited by the Japanese and their Wagyu!

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