Yakiniku Bar

Restaurant Name Yakiniku Bar
Phone Number (03)523-2741
Address No. 86, Datong Rd, East District, Hsinchu City
Website Official Website

Yakiniku Bar is located in Hsinchu Dongmen Market. The space in the restaurant is small, but you can eat yakiniku to your heart's content. As for the meat, you can enjoy the finest, carefully-selected Japanese Black Wagyu beef. The texture of the meat is fresh and tender, and everything tastes great. Relax and have a drink with friends at Yakiniku Bar. When you're meeting friends at this gourmet food restaurant, some mouthwatering meat is the perfect compliment to the fun atmosphere! All of our staff undergo months of rigorous training before they are allowed to serve you. Customers leave Yakiniku Bar with a smile on their faces, satisfied with the quality and service.