Rakuken Wagyu Kappou

Restaurant Name Rakuken Wagyu Kappou
Phone Number (02)2511-2300
Address 3rd Basement Floor, No. 3, Lane 39, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City
Website Official Website

Located in the 3rd basement of Taipei Regent Hotel, “Rakuken Wagyu Kappou” uses and serves carefully-selected A5 Japanese Wagyu beef, local seasonal ingredients and top-class international ingredients, baked in a kiln using Bincho charcoal, with a committment to the culinary spirit.
The kiln, the soul of “Rakuken Wagyu Kappou," was built using 200 kg of cast iron at a cost of 1 million yuan, and is used to handle A5 Japanese Wagyu fillet and sirloin, ensuring even heat at 360 degrees to yield beef that is mouthwateringly juicy and tender.