Wang Sheng Yuan-Zhongshan

Restaurant Name Wang Sheng Yuan-Zhongshan
Phone Number (02)2599-5108
Address No. 21, Section 3, Chongqing North Road, Datong District, Taipei City
Website Official Website

Wang Sheng Yuan serves fresh Wagyu beef and savory yakiniku to discerning customers. Don't miss the delicious flavors created by veteran chefs with over 30 years of experience!
We proudly display our fresh ingredients in a glass-walled kitchen. The meat is kept chilled and is cut and served as it is ordered. What Wang Sheng Yuan seeks is meat in its simplest form, with perfect flavor. We also recommend tsukemono, a traditional form of Japanese pickles which is a staple item found in Japanese restaurants and highly evaluated for its tastiness.
If you're a fan of drinks and gourmet food, come to Wang Sheng Yuan!