Restaurant Name Ichiyaki
Phone Number (03)533-2666
Address No. 130, Sanmin Road, East District, Hsinchu City
Website Official Website

We didn't want to restrict the design of our restaurant based on the partitions of an existing building. Therefore, we started from a vacant lot and designed Ichiyaki's own building, rooms, and restaurant atmosphere from scratch.
Our restaurant is outstanding with regard to how serious we are about the quality of the beef we serve. Therefore, instead of importing meat which has already been handled, we procure whole cattle and handle the entire process ourselves.
We also insist on serving only the most flavorful dishes, and prepare yakiniku using techniques learned from professional Japanese chefs. For example, we learned how to prepare yakiniku from Kentaro Nakahara, the Owner and Chef of SUMIBIYAKINIKU NAKAHARA. Master Nakahara also taught us how to carve a cow into 23 different cuts. Furthermore, we adjust our seasonings according to the condition of ingredients and the climate in Taiwan.

Ichiyaki cordially provides you with the best Japanese A5 Wagyu beef and service. Our dedication is born from pride in the art of Wagyu beef.