Delicacy beyond imagination.
Japanese Wagyu

Indulge in a piece of exceptionally delicate,
refined Japanese Wagyu.

Much more than just beef,
its special flavour will delight your senses
in ways you have never imagined.

The paramount delicacy of Japan.

Artful marbling.
The distinct wagyu-ko aroma of melty marbling.
The mouthful that stimulates all of your senses is the result of careful attention to fattening each and every head of cattle, as well as carefully selected feed. It also reflects Japanese culinary culture by utilizing the best qualities of ingredients in food preparation as well as the spirit of craftsmanship.

Japanese Wagyu is an inimitable delicacy transcending the realm of beef.

Your Multi-Sensory Experience

There are several steps to best enjoy Japanese Wagyu beef. First, before cooking, eat with your eyes. Admire the “SASHI” cross-section of marbling throughout the raw meat. While cooking, listen carefully to that irresistible sizzle, the sound of the fat dancing in the pan, those tiny bursts of flavour. Then, look once again at the meat’s delicate beauty with your eyes after cooking. There’s just one more step before you eat: enjoy that sweet Wagyu aroma with your nose. Finally, bring that first bite of Wagyu to your mouth. Meat that’s so tender that your teeth sink right in. Between the fibres of the meat, the umami, the scent and the ”SASHI” overflows. That’s because true Japanese Wagyu, unlike other beef, melts at room temperature.

  • SEE

    the beautiful marbling

    The marbling is what makes Japanese Wagyu so unique and special.

  • HEAR

    it sizzle as it cooks

    Enjoy that *sizzle sizzle* as the wagyu grills!


    the slightly sweet aroma

    The Japanese term “wagyu-ko” describes the distinct fragrance of wagyu as it cooks!

  • FEEL

    that luxurious melty texture

    Now time to eat. Let it melt in your mouth to experience wagyu’s unique tender, succulent and sumptuous texture!


    the hint of umami & sweetness

    Enjoy the taste of wagyu that expands in your mouth. Soft & luxurious with a hint of sweetness.