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Chefs’ Voices | 07

Roanna Canete

Owner of the Gluten Free Baking Co / Co-Founder of The Gluten Free Culinary School

San Diego, U.S.A.

What are the challenges in making gluten-free breads in general?

The challenge with gluten free bread is the structure. Often it is too dry, or too gummy, or too tough. It requires a mix of gluten free flours to find the right balance in order to achieve the right texture of bread.

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Please tell us the reason why you find Japanese rice flour appealing.

Japanese rice flour has many aspects that make it appealing for gluten free baking. The milling process combined with the type of rice means that the grind is fine, and contains a low amount of amylose. Because of this, it has the characteristics of both a grain and a starch, which make it ideal for gluten free baking. The cakes and bread that we made came out fluffy and with a great crumb structure. It is very rare to bake with only one flour, and we love how easy it is!

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What do you think is the difference between Japanese rice flour and rice flour from other countries?

I believe it has a higher starch content, as well as a finer milling process. The Rice Flour has the most neutral flavor, it also can provide a very good texture. This combination produces fluffy baked goods with stellar taste, texture and appearance, using only one flour. I have not found this from any other rice flour.

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How easy/difficult is it to work with Japanese rice flour?

I believe it is very easy to work with Japanese rice flour, because you only need one flour to make cakes and bread. This saves space in a kitchen as well as time! These two aspects are critical for anyone in the kitchen industry.

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What are the consumer reactions to your products (breads, cakes, baked goods) made with Japanese rice flour?

Everyone loves them and they simply cannot believe the baked goods have only one Japanese rice flour. Everyone wants a sample so they can make it for themselves to see if it is really true!

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