Kagoshima Seicha
Kagoshima Seicha Co., Ltd. is a long-established Japanese tea company with 130 years of experience in the tea business and retail sales. The headquarters are in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, a prefecture famous for livestock products like Black Berkshire pork and black Japanese beef, and agricultural products like sweet potatoes. The company's philosophy is to "spread Japanese culture through Japanese tea” by providing a variety of products that will make customers say, "Kagoshima tea is delicious! I wonder where Kagoshima is?” Just like “Uji” is to green tea, Kagoshima Seicha continues to pursue its goal of making “Kagoshima” and “Kagoshima tea” synonymous with Japanese tea across the world.


As the line between work and play continues to blur, short moments or clarity, peace, and relaxation became that much more crucial for maintaining a mentally healthy lifestyle.

The GREEN TEA Room is an emotional oasis to help you reconnect with yourself and the world around you.
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Health. Sophistication. Craftsmanship. Sustainability.

Beneficial to your health with the sophistication of artisanal Japanese green tea culture.
Find solace amidst the chaos of every day in a cup of matcha delicately crafted over generations with a dedication to sustainability.

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Japanese tea is packed with healthy components. In particular, Japanese green tea is rich with L-theanine, known to improve concentration and memory while reducing anxiety. It also contains 10 times more antioxidants than ordinary green tea, including polyphenols and vitamin C, which are beneficial for beauty and can help prevent cell damage and chronic diseases. In addition, polyamine can be found in beet teas like matcha and gyokuro, known to be an effective anti-aging agent. All of these come together to form the ultimate health drink.


Japanese tea is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and sensibility, representing the refined taste and spirit of the Japanese people. Using traditional tools like the tea whisk, the process of whisking is an art form that has appealed to people around the world.


Tea selection and product development, field location and environment maintenance, harvest timing and harvesting method, and the following manufacturing process. Japanese tea culture has been cultivated over hundreds of years and shaped with loving care by tea artisans.


Japanese tea has maintained sustainability through culture and values that have been passed down from generation to generation, with a focus on the environment and societal impact. Unused tea branches and leaves are turned into humus, or leaf mold, and used as fertliizer for the tea fields. Some restaurants use dried out beet tea, such as matcha and gyokuro, as potent ingredients. The appeal of Japanese tea expands beyond exciting your tastebuds and into sustainable nourishment that wastes no part of the tea fields.