EXPLORE the versatility of Japanese rice flour

Introducing chefs who have explored new bakery products to make the most of Japanese rice flour.​

Sam Butarbutar(Third Culture Bakery)


Light And Fluffy Rice Flour Chocolate Cake


For me, working with Japanese rice flour is fantastic. Because of the lack of gluten, I don’t have to worry about overmixing or overdeveloping my dough or batter (which translates into tough final products). So, I can really make sure my dough or batter is mixed evenly. I also find the clean up process to be a lot easier since it does not stick to surfaces like wheat flour does.

Developing recipes with Japanese rice flour is a joy! There are endless possibilities. When developing new recipes, look for existing recipes that can be a good candidate for rice flour substitutions. Remember that cakes and cookies have great potential to be made with Japanese rice flour, but just remember to have enough fat and moisture content.

Store Name Third Culture Bakery
Store Location 2701 Eighth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
URL https://www.thirdculturebakery.com/
Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQVBBonZaPI

Waldo Yan​


Angel Food Cake with Mango Sake Yogurt Sauce


Light as a feather gluten-free angel food cake, made possible by the unique qualities of Japanese rice flour. Matcha is added to temper the typical sweetness of dessert, providing a welcome grassy respite. Served alongside a no-cook mango sake yogurt sauce, for a bright and sunny accompaniment. Elegant, approachable, and thoughtful, just like the Japanese rice flour at its core.

URL https://www.instagram.com/tastyfood626/
Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub_gszPupDc

Joshua Aldarondo(Delicias Bakery)


Beignets(Left)/ Pumpkin Crullers(Middle)/ Tiger Bread(Right)


It was a great experience working with Japanese rice flour. With fine rice flour from Japan, I decided to work on different items.

For the Beignets, I used the rice flour that has low amylose content and coarse grain, for the pumpkin crullers use the one that has the highest content of amylose. For the tiger bread, I decided to use the black rice flour for the tiger bread as it is the coarser flour from all the samples I received and for contrast it brings to the bread.

I will definitely keep trying them.

Store Name Delicias Bakery
Store Location

6425 Omaha Boulevard #2618

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80915

URL https://deliciasbakery.business.site/

Kazuko Nagao(LOAVES)


Pound Cake(Left)/ Deep-Fried Doughnuts(Right)


<Pound Cake(Left)>​

I used Japanese rice flour. The finished product was moist, and if I had wrapped it, it would have stayed moist even after a day. This one also felt lighter after eating than the flour pound cake.

<Deep-fried doughnuts(Right)>​

The outside was crispy, and the texture and taste were a little like eating a rice cake. The inside was moist but felt light than flour.

I thought it would be better if the mixture could be a little more like sticky texture.

Store Name LOAVES
Store Location

4005 Skillman Avenue Sunnyside NY 11104